Biography of a Hippie Chick!

Hippie Chick Linnea in 1972
Born in Coldspring New York in 1957 and raised in the Hudson Valley, I attended Hendrick Hudson High School and Graduated in 1974.

I was the child of two very artistic parents, my mother a potter in her younger days and my father a professional musician and published author and an accomplished professional Statistician in his daytime role.

When only 3 years old it became apparent to all what I should do the rest of my life.  With pencil in hand I could illustrate beyond the traditional stick figures of other children. I also began to write short stories and poetry following in the footsteps of my father. I authored a Haiku that won a contest and became a published poet in just the second grade!

College Conflicts

'Big Fish' Fine Silver with Enamel
Being accepted to the School of Visual Arts at only 16 was thrilling; however, my father had other plans for me.  His unfortunate belief that college was only for men because women only married and had children.......would be an unfortunate setback.  (I still love you daddy!)   It would be another 5 years before I attended college. 

First attending Mercy College for Psychology (what was I thinking?)  yet another 2 years passed before I enrolled in Applied Art and Graphics at SUNY.

Throughout my days in college I was blessed with winning awards, competitions, features in many College Art Publications as well as enjoying a perfect 4.0 average and President's List each semester.  I loved school...for the first time in my life!

A Class That Changed My Life!

'Lady in the Garden' Enamel/Macrame
My careers after college included several types of drafting for Engineers and Surveyors, Nail Art Design, & Advertising. 

In approximately 1993 a Metalsmith course and a woman named Betsy Rogers would change my life forever.  I signed up
for a 5-week metal course - we were to create a bracelet in 5 nightly sessions.

 While others struggled to understand the processes,  I thrived and much to my instructors surprise finished the bracelet that very night.  She took me aside and asked me if I had ever done this before - I replied "no". 

She then said that I should consider a career in Metals.  That was just the beginning.  In 1994 I was introduced to Bead and Button magazine which proved to be a huge inspiration to me.  I learned Macrame and Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding).  I took a master class from famed Kumihimo Artist Roderick Owen and learned to love this lost Art.  The final step began in 2003 when I was introduced to enamels by my mentor Lillian Jones.

My path finally became a little clearer and these techniques together would begin a journey that continues today - My pursuit of a design integrating Metal, Enamel, Gems, Beads and Fiber Techniques.

My Accomplishments!

Several early projects at bottom
I have been fortunate to be a contributing author of many national craft magazine articles.  My work has been featured in Bead & Button Magazine, Art Jewelry Magazine, Beadreams as well as several other books and booklets produced by Kalmbach Publishing.  My mirror pendant project was  featured on HGTV's Crafters Coast-to-Coast  (aka How Did They Do That?) 
In my travels I  have won many awards at Juried Art Shows and Design Competitions on a local and national level.

Finally I want to say that I was extremely proud to have been a precious metal clay jewelry instructor at the North Carolina State University Craft Center for 3 years!
So now you know a little about how I traveled to this place I call "NOW" and for now that is all I will reveal - There are so many stories, twists and turns - but I think all of you will be able to read about it when I write the book!

Life is a journey - so much happens along the way - the road can be bumpy and indirect - I think I finally see my destination!